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Here are a rare collection of landscape images from England, Wales and India.Taken over a period of 20 years, it would now be almost impossible to recreate them again.
Colour photographs, sometimes tend to display too much information which at times becomes difficult to relate with ..hence I have tried to pull back and made them softer so that the image can come closer to our inner eye.
All the images are available on canvas or on fine art paper. Some prints are in limited edition of 299 only. The delivery charges for them is free for anywhere in the world.
Payments by cards is accepted. just phone, text or email and your order will be taken and the print will be dispatched on the same day. If you're unable to reach me, then text or e mail and I will call you back at the earliest. (all the image sizes are in inches)
Thank you for visiting and I hope you admired the beauty of nature.
Gurinder Sandhu...